Ajlan Group

Specialized in the manufacture and import of high-end fashion, and many international companies own names and brands upon arrival. The number of points of sale in the Kingdom is more than 220 branches in 24 cities, mostly in major cities such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar, Mecca, Medina and others.


Al-Ajlan Real Estate

It is a leading institution in the field of engineering consultancy and real estate development. Al-Ajlan Real Estate owns several real estate projects and supervises many projects implemented by contracting companies for its benefit

  • Scooper Tower (square tower) Riyadh - Haq Al Olaya - King Fahd Road - Cairo Square

  • Jarat Al Wadi Compound, Riyadh - Dhahrat Laban District

  • Riyadh Plaza Hotel Riyadh - Dhahrat Bin District

  • Riyadh Boutique Hotel - Olaya District - King Fahd Road - Midat ​​Cairo

  • Business Hotel Riyadh - Al Yasmeen District

  • City Hotel Riyadh

  • Complex Riyadh

  • Makkah Mall Makkah - Al Olaya District

  • Al Hada Resort Taif


Triple House Contracting Company

The Triple House is an institution concerned with contracting, which specializes in contracting works with high experience in construction work for commercial centers, hotels, towers, finishing workers, exterior and interior decoration, importing household appliances, home, office and hotel decoration She is the one who has implemented all real estate projects for Al-Ajlan Real Estate Company.